FiberPro PC4000 Lightwave Polarization Controller

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Product Description

PC4000 is the multi channel version of PC1300 Motorized Polarization Controller. In addition to its basic function of adjusting polarization states in multi channels, it also provides convenient ‘save and recall’ functions.
As a Scanning PC, it provides very powerful ‘auto scan’ modes with variable scanning speeds.
Polarization states can be manipulated by either manual adjustment or remote control (GPIB, RS-232) using two quarter-wave plates in each channel of PC4000.
Auto scan mode of FIBERPRO’s Motorized Polarization Controller has been upgraded in LPC. It shows another auto scan mode of four quarter-waveplates with higher polarization extinction ratio when connecting two channels at an advanced speed.
PC4000 is an essential tool to complete fiber-optic, multi-channel measurement systems such as WDM/DWDM as well as R&D (such as PMD experiments), and manufacturing.

  • All Fiber Configuration
  • 2 and 4 channel Option
  • Automatic Full Range Scan
  • Auto Self-Testing
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • GPIB & RS232 Remote Interface

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