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Fusion Splicers and Cleavers

Simbol offers high quality tests and calibrations for a wide variety of brands and models of Fusion Splicers and Cleavers. Simbol will perform maintenance, testing and Calibration in their lab. Several models are listed on our website. If a model is not listed; please contact us for availability.

Most popular models:fiber-optic-quote.gif
- Fujikura : FSM-60S, FSM-50S, FSM-40S, FSM-17S, CT-07/20/30
- Fitel: S175, S321, S182 Series
- Ericsson: FSU975, FSU995
- Sumitomo: FCP-22L, Type-36

After we have serviced, tested and calibrated your equipment, it will be returned to you with test and calibration data. For instance a report for a Fusion Splicer would include:

  • Dust Check
  • Stuff Check
  • LED Check
  • Motor Check
  • Arc Calibration
  • I/O Port Check
  • Memory Check
  • Oven test
  • Singlemode Splice Test
  • Multimode Splice Test

If a unit is not successfully calibrated, we will evaluate the cost to repair the unit and provide you with a quotation. Upon your approval we will perform the necessary repairs and get your fusion splicer and cleaver back to you in good working condition.