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Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA)

Simbol offers high quality calibrations for a wide variety of brands and models of Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA). Simbol will perform all Calibrations in their lab. Several calibrations are listed on our website If a model is not listed; please contact us for availability.

Most popular modelsfiber-optic-quote.gif
- Ando: AQ6370B, AQ6370, AQ6317B, AQ6315E, AQ6310, AQ6310B
- Agilent: 81642B, 81640B, 86146B, 86145B, 86143B
- Anritsu : MS9710C, MS9710B, MS9710A
- Advantest : Q7760, Q8383, Q8384, Q8382, Q8381, Q8344, Q8346, Q8347, Q8381, TQ8345
- HP :  70952B, 70951B, 70950B

Depending on the type of calibration you choose, your equipment will be returned to you with a calibration label, a calibration certificate and all related calibration data.

If a unit is not successfully calibrated, we will evaluate the cost to repair the unit and provide you with a quotation. Upon your approval we will perform the necessary repairs and get your OSA back to you in good working condition.