Service for obsolete JDSU optical instruments

We are servicing the following unsupported test equipments from JDSU:

RM series  Backreflection meter
  ex: RM3750, RM3050
RX series Multichannel Backreflection Meter
  ex: RX3070 up to 24 channels
HA series Programmable attenuator
  ex: HA097, HA017, HA117, HA107
TB9 series Tunable Grating Filter
  ex: TB9226, TB9166
PE3 & PE4 series Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) Emulator
  ex: PE3+1FA. PE4+1FA
PS series Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) meter
  ex: PS3650
OAB series Benchtop Optical EDFA Amplifier 
  ex: OAB1552, OAB1562, OAB1415
BBS series Benchtop Broadband Source
  ex: BBS1550
SWS series Swept Wavelength Systems
  ex: SWS15100 SWS16100

Also supported:
JDS BR1503 Backreflection Meter

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